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┊People's point of view┊

视 People's Viewpoint┊ (303)

Let us experience the Internet, the same city, and the life together, the common Xuancheng, and the common Internet.
Legal Adviser for this edition: Lawyer Li Kun, Anhui Mingquan Law Firm 13705631807

Moderator: King of Pavilion , Yongxi New Guest

/ 822万 350,000 / 8.22 million
┊Job Recruitment┊

┊Job Recruitment┊

Recruit good employees and find good jobs. Free and authentic talent exchange platform.

Moderator: Xiaobian No.6 , Xiaobian No.8

┊Home improvement lecture hall┊

┊Home improvement lecture hall┊ (20)

Xuancheng Forum Decoration Diary Competition has started again! Home improvement saves money and guarantees. Let's take a look at the strategies of local owners, a well-known collection of local designers, home improvement companies, building materials vendors, and home appliances.

Moderator: Red Star Macalline , no trace of water

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┊Online police review┊

┊Online Police Review┊ (4)

The public security surname is "public" and the police last name is "min". The public's sense of security and satisfaction is not only the fundamental criterion for testing our work, but also our pursuit of goals and efforts. Legal Adviser for this edition: Attorney Jiang Ke'an 13856340049

Moderator: Royal Wind Knight

/ 10万 10,000 / 100,000
┊Xuancheng Tourism┊

┊Xuancheng Tourism┊ (32)

Xuancheng Tourism Bureau and Xuancheng Forum jointly set up columns to promote Xuancheng tourism projects, attractions, and enterprises, and to release various types of tourism-related information.

Moderator: Xuancheng Tourism , Xiaobian No. 8

/ 11万 10,000 / 110,000
┊ 府 山 广告 ┊

Lufu Mountain Advertising ┊ (44)

Just like the advertisement wall of Fushantou Stadium at that time, it is a page for everyone to organize group purchases, conduct second-hand transactions, and publish various types of advertising information. Legal Adviser for this edition: Lawyer Li Zheng, Anhui Mingquan Law Firm, 13705631807.

/ 4万 7710 / 40,000
Xuancheng Ning Guoguang Delangxi Jixian County Jixi ... 2019-12-30 10:06
┊Second Hand Trading┊

┊Second Hand Trading┊ (40)

Convenient for people's lives, various second-hand items trading section, organize the items in the home, make the best use of them, and turn long-term items into RMB as soon as possible. Non-local transactions, remind everyone to be cautious.

/ 4万 10,000 / 40,000
Who sent the leaflet 2019-12-30 10:08
┊Business Transfer┊

┊Business Transfer┊ (1)

Information on the transfer of large and small businesses, shares, stocks, shops, factories and workshops in Xuancheng, including various stores, supermarkets, clothing stores, hotels, stalls, taxi operating rights, etc. If you want to quit or take over the business, please come in.

Moderator: Xiao Bian No. 7

/ 8780 2387/8780
┊Xuancheng Education┊

┊Xuancheng Education┊ (10)

Xuancheng Forum Education Special Edition mainly releases Xuancheng education information and various types of counselling and training information. It is a communication and interaction platform for competent authorities, schools, teachers, extracurricular institutions, parents, and students.

Moderator: Yu Mingqi

/ 22万 10,000 / 220,000
┊ Parent-child early education┊

┊ Parent-child early education┊

[Parent-Children's Home] is the family section of Xuancheng Forum. It encourages children to show their talents, build self-confidence, and realize themselves. Children are welcome to post their own compositions, paintings, calligraphy, photo shoots, talent shows, family life, etc.

Moderator: Hu Yigan , Primary Six

/ 10万 6197 / 100,000
┊Transportation Online┊

┊Transportation Online┊

Xuancheng Transportation Management Bureau and Xuancheng Forum jointly accept opinions, suggestions, complaints, reports on the management of the transportation industry, and reply within a time limit.

Moderator: Xuancheng Transportation Management

/ 3万 2830 / 30,000
┊Environmental protection┊

┊Environmental protection┊

Xuancheng Environmental Protection Bureau and Xuancheng Forum jointly promoted environmental protection laws and regulations and popularized environmental protection knowledge. Accept opinions, suggestions, complaints, reports on environmental protection in the city, and reply within a time limit.

Moderator: Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau

/ 1903 92/1903
Xuancheng Sports Lottery

Xuancheng Sports Lottery

The official section of the Xuancheng Sub-center of the Anhui Sports Lottery Management Center on the Xuancheng Forum publishes sports lottery information, popularizes sports lottery knowledge, and accepts suggestions and advice from lottery people.

Moderator: Sports Lottery Center

/ 2416 711/2416
┊Second-hand good house┊

┊Second-hand good house┊

Believe in the collective power! We do n’t want the rich second generation, we do n’t want the official second generation, we do n’t want to find a relationship. Believe in yourself and the power of the team!

┊New House Real Estate┊

┊New House Real Estate┊

Comprehensive information on new buildings in urban areas, and the customer service of major real estate companies will interact closely with you. Opening, inquiry, appointment, and posting of new real estate. Group tour invitations, model room display, etc.

Moderator: Xiao Bian No. 5

┊Renting house for sale┊

┊Rental For Sale┊ (1515)

A collection of second-hand and new house listings in the city, shop facade rental, transfer, rent-seeking, residential rental, rent-seeking, and joint-sharing information. Interoperability with the "Xuancheng Forum Second-hand Housing" website, one network certification, three network promotion.

Moderator: Second-hand house editor 2 , Xiaobian No. 7 , second-hand house editor 1

/ 21万 210,000 / 210,000
┊Real estate agency┊

┊Real estate agency┊

A special section of real estate agency, in conjunction with Xuancheng above-scale intermediary service for the people of Xuancheng.

┊Decoration experience┊

┊Decoration Experience┊ (4)

Most people renovate a few times in their lives, please come here to record it, record your happiness, and leave a model for later learning.

/ 3万 4259 / 30,000
┊Building materials merchants┊

┊Building materials merchants┊

When decorating a house and buying building materials, why run around and find someone for a discount? Come here and enjoy the best deals for everyone.

/ 4370 756/4370
The opening event came 2019-12-28 14:22
┊Home Appliances┊

┊Home Appliances┊

Moving buyer electricity? How about bargaining alone? If you want to bargain, you must invite your partner to go together.

/ 1125 297/1125
The opening event came 2019-12-28 14:22
┊Decoration company┊

┊Decoration Company┊ (3)

Home furnishing, decoration, collection, fabric, etc.

Moderator: Yi Mihua

/ 15万 10,000 / 150,000
┊Masha Square┊

┊Masha Square┊

The cooperation column of Mesa Plaza, Mesa Plaza releases information and displays the column of merchant's products.

Moderator: Matsa Customer Service

/ 1万 1035 / 10,000
┊I want to marry ┊

┊I want to marry┊ (1)

The fate of the sky, Xuancheng network matchmaker, young man courtship, talk section.
The lady gentleman has everything from love to marriage and wedding to wedding reception.

Moderator: Snow Quiet , Xiaobian No. 8

/ 26万 10,000 / 260,000
Can you post? 2019-12-30 02:23
┊Xuancheng Food┊

┊Xuancheng Food┊

Xuancheng people love to eat, Xuancheng people will eat, where is the meal of Xuancheng people? ? Netizens can talk about their culinary experience and recommend good places.

Moderator: God of Pavilion , Absent-minded , Crazy Stone

/ 30万 10,000 / 300,000
Bupyeong Persimmon 2019-12-29 14:27
┊Member Album┊

┊Member Album┊

Show off your style and post your photos quickly! You are the network master of Xuancheng. [This version of Fetion Group: 9995321]

/ 8万 2121 / 80,000
Professional piano health2019-12-29 09:33
┊ Jingting Lake Wedding ┊

┊ Jingting Lake Wedding ┊

This column is named by "Jingting Lake Hotel", which aims to promote fashionable wedding culture, promote local wedding enterprise brands, and wedding hosts. Serve new people.

Moderator: Xiaobian No.8 , Xuancheng Shenye

/ 1632 272/1632
┊Flower Girlfriends┊

┊Flower Girlfriends┊

Discuss fashion information, trendy clothing, common sense of life, food culture, and share with you your clothing mix, beauty methods and experience, and the manifestation of trends in your life. [This version of Fetion Group: 9956330]

Moderators: Ismaila , Doudou

/ 10万 6569 / 100,000
┊Golden Cinemas┊

┊Golden Cinemas┊

The Xuancheng Forum cooperates with GPG Studios to provide convenience for netizens.

Moderator: National Shopping Studios

/ 3万 2616 / 30,000
┊Wanda Studios┊

┊Wanda Studios┊

On June 29, 2018, the grand opening of Xuancheng Wanda Cinema, Xuancheng's first IMAX giant screen will open a new era of Xuancheng movie viewing. Address: 3-4 / F, Xuancheng Wanda Plaza, at the intersection of Shuiyangjiang Avenue and Jingde Road, Tel: 0563-2913688

Moderator: Wanda Cinema Customer Service

/ 180 45/180
┊Specialty direct sales┊

┊Specialty direct sales┊

Netizen entrepreneurship platform, local specialty sellers set up by netizens recommended by the forum, topic posts are valid for a long time. Posting the topic in this column must be verified by the forum customer service department. Certification phone 0563-2627492

Moderator: Member card customer service , Xiaobian No. 6

/ 3万 1159 / 30,000
Kudzu under the sun2019-12-25 15:22 Warm and kind
┊Cinema Film Studios┊

┊Cinema Film Studios┊

China Film Jialai Studios is located in Xinglong International Plaza. This section is a section in cooperation with Xuancheng Forum to provide convenience for netizens.

Moderator: China Film Jialai Studios

/ 7 6/7
China Film Gala Cinemas 12.30 Film News 2019-12-29 19:55 China Film Gala Cinemas
┊Hengdian Studio City┊

┊Hengdian Studio City┊

Xuancheng Forum and Hengdian Film and Television City co-construction section, regularly release various types of film and television information.

Moderator: Hengdian Movie City , Zibui

/ 7953 1692/7953
┊Worker Shadow City┊

┊Worker Shadow City┊

Classic theater, glory returns. Workers' movie reviews and information release columns.

Moderator: Worker Shadow City

/ 2341 1775/2341
Hope to reply 2019-11-9 10:47 Leading people
┊Member Card Area┊

┊Member Card Area┊

Based on Xuancheng, serving businesses and benefiting netizens, I believe in collective power. Welcome honest merchants to join for free! Legal advisor for this edition: Anhui Mingquan Law Firm

Moderator: Member Card Customer Service

/ 9016 488/9016
┊ Pet World ┊

┊Pet World┊ (13)

Xuancheng Forum Pet Communication Section, a communication space for pet supplies, feeding tips, and pet fun.

Moderator: Xiao Bian No. 8

/ 9万 8837 / 90,000
Bomi 2019-12-30 09:57 Only you in your life
┊Investment and Finance┊

┊Investment and Finance┊

Pay attention to finance, discuss stocks, and watch the stock market situation. Technical exchanges and sharing of wealth management experience

Moderator: Fenglin singing late

/ 5817 2138/5817
┊Red Police Computer┊

┊Red Police Computer┊

Xuancheng Red Police Computer Hospital, a professional computer hardware and software repair and maintenance professional institution. Accept netizens' inquiries about computer hardware and software for free. If your computer is faulty, please call 13856384811.

Moderator: Red Police Computer Hospital

/ 8436 1454/8436
┊Driving School Word of Mouth┊

┊Driving School Word of Mouth┊

Everyone who learns cars has a lot of quick stories, write it down, and good luck to everyone, get the books as soon as possible!

/ 2223 292/2223
┊Buy a car discussion┊

┊Buy a car discussion┊

New car release, model appearance, 4S shop display, new car trading, valuation transaction, auto insurance grab order, car purchase inquiry, price comparison.

Moderator: nbt , Xiaobian No. 6

/ 13万 20,000 / 130,000
┊Used car market┊

┊Used car market┊ (1)

Online platform for used car valuation, consulting, and trading. A good used car is naturally more cost-effective than a new car. There are diagrams and configuration tables for easier transactions.

/ 3万 7978 / 30,000
Toyota Motors For Sale 2019-12-30 08:29
┊Vehicle maintenance┊

┊Vehicle maintenance┊

Car maintenance, communication using peripheral supplies, good shops everyone recommend.

/ 3629 1097/3629
┊Che Youhui Gathering┊

┊Che Youhui Gathering┊

We strive to organically combine the traditional sense of outdoor sports, leisure travel and driving gallop, pursue the perfect quality of life, and appreciate the joy of life. Let people who have been imprisoned in the traffic fortress of the city for a long time have more opportunities to get close to nature and embrace the green world.

Moderator: lazy knife

/ 3万 3033 / 30,000
┊Xuancheng Fishing┊

┊Xuancheng Fishing┊

The egret flies in front of the Xisai Mountain, the peach blossom runs through the water, and the fish grows green. The biggest advantage of fishing is that you can sit there quietly, without thinking about anything, just staring at the water and waiting for the fish to hook ...

Moderator: floating , toll station

/ 13万 6829 / 130,000
Free fishing resource sharing for wild fishing2019-12-28 16: 07Qingbei Education
┊Urban Movement┊

┊Urban Movement┊

There are major sports events such as winter swimming, fitness, outdoor, picnic, triathlon, mountain climbing, ball games, etc. This is also the first venue for major sports events to be published and reported; "I exercise, I am healthy, I am happy, I am fashionable "Welcome you who love life to join us!

Moderator: Seven Star Scoop , Wang Niu Dun

/ 27万 10,000 / 270,000
┊Xuancheng donkey┊

┊ Xuancheng Donkey ┊ (1)

Forum netizens spontaneously organize shooting / swimming / outdoor activities and other places to post notifications and messages, and they are special post stations in Xuancheng Fengyu Outdoors. [Xuancheng donkey team's home] / It turns out that life can be like this.

Moderator: Wang Mazi , Crocodile City Old Du

/ 7万 3177 / 70,000
Ningguo International Resort2019-12-30 08:09
┊Martial Arts Association┊

┊Martial Arts Association┊

Xuancheng Wushu Association's communication and publishing column.

Moderators: Xuanzhou Taiji , South Anhui Taiji

/ 8383 766/8383
┊Xuancheng Football┊

┊Xuancheng Football┊

Sports information, events, Xuancheng football fan club

Moderator: sword , Basten

/ 2万 2638 / 20,000
┊ Jingting's legacy

┊ 敬 亭 遗风 ┊ (1)

The article has a long history, knowing the gains and losses. Xuancheng has been an ancient poet's land, as long as it is your own, even if it is just a few words. We all appreciate the strange texts and the doubts and analysis. You are my friend, and the legacy is your platform to swim.

Moderator: Huidi Wenhu , Yishanren

/ 7万 6084 / 70,000
August strokes2019-12-29 15:55 Good luck today
┊Color Shadow Xuancheng ┊

┊Color Shadow Xuancheng ┊

Enjoy life, enjoy the beautiful Xuancheng, use our lens to promote the mountains and rivers, flowers and plants of Xuancheng. "We thought that this way we could keep time; after the shutter passed, we suddenly realized that what was kept was just an instant move ..."

Moderator: snow field , old oil lamp

/ 16万 10,000 / 160,000
┊Mood Story┊

┊Mood Story┊

The original perceptual space in the forum tells your emotions and moods. Do not ask for handed down works, but seek to move yourself.

/ 33万 10,000 / 330,000
Plum love! ~ 2019-12-28 10:14
Xuancheng Kistler

Xuancheng Kistler

Appreciating the stones, we have been serious! Xuancheng is mountainous and watery, with many types of ornamental stones. Xuancheng Ornamental Stone Association, Xuancheng Stone Association, and Xuancheng Stone Museum are all here to show all the ornamental stones in southern Anhui. Recommend the beautiful stones in Xuancheng and southern Anhui to the whole country and the world. No matter where you are, no matter who you are, as soon as you see "Xuancheng Beauty Stone", you will think of the beauty of Xuancheng and feel the strong cultural atmosphere. Together, the beautiful stone produced in Xuancheng has been used as the "Fifth Treasure of Xuancheng Study House" to create a "cultural business card" for Xuancheng to show our cultural confidence in Xuancheng.

Moderator: Yongxi New Guest

/ 908 168/908
Jingwen Stone for sale 2019-12-12 12:24


This edition is a co-built column of the Forum and Xuancheng Artists Association. Reveal your artistic talents, improve your artistic level, explore the true meaning of art, and enrich your amateur life. Design, painting, calligraphy, beauty work exchange. (The width of the work should be less than 600)

Moderator: ☆☆☆☆ , Hu Yigan , Bai Wu

/ 5万 3066 / 50,000


Xuancheng Forum and Xuancheng History and Culture Research Institute jointly build a section. This edition locates Xuancheng history and promotes Xuancheng culture.

Moderator: Ten Mile Zhaoshan , Fiddle Heart

/ 1万 458 / 10,000
┊Xuancheng Collection┊

┊Xuancheng Collection┊

The stage of Xuancheng folk collection display, a platform for Tibetan friends to communicate.

Moderator: Le Taotao , Yongxi New Guest

/ 4万 3861 / 40,000
Skilled Craftsmen of Xuanzhou Kiln in the Tang Dynasty: Punching the Residue ...
Hegong University Xuancheng Campus

Hegong University Xuancheng Campus

The special edition of Hegong University freshmen and campus exchanges, each of us in Xuancheng welcomes new students from all over the country with full enthusiasm, and welcomes the employees of Xuancheng campus of the University of Technology to join this family!

/ 9223 1156/9223
Recommended B & Bs near Hegong University 2019-12-19 08:30
┊Agricultural Bank┊

┊Agricultural Bank┊

Moderator: Agricultural Bank Customer Service

/ 812 88/812
┊Telecom customer service┊

┊Telecom customer service┊

Xuancheng Telecom customer network service and consultation hotline! (Telephone: 10000)

Moderator: Telecom Customer Service

/ 2万 2907 / 20,000
┊Mobile customer service┊

┊Mobile customer service┊

Xuancheng mobile customer network service and consultation hotline! (Customer Service Hotline 10086)

Moderator: Mobile customer service

/ 2万 7797 / 20,000
┊Hua An Securities┊

┊Hua An Securities┊ (1)

Hua'an Securities Co., Ltd. is a securities company incorporated on January 8, 2001 with the approval of the China Securities Regulatory Commission. It was formerly known as the Anhui Securities Company established in May 1991. In December 2000, the China Securities Regulatory Commission approved Huaan Securities Co., Ltd. The liability company is a comprehensive securities company. In 2012, Huaan Securities Co., Ltd. was restructured into a joint stock company. Successfully listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange on December 6, 2016, under the stock code (600909)

Moderator: Huaan Customer Service

/ 5299 1504/5299
News on December 30, 2019-12-30 08:57
┊Unicom Customer Service┊

┊Unicom Customer Service┊

Xuancheng Unicom customer service supervision, consulting application! (Customer service hotline 10010, call charge enquiry line 10011)

Moderator: Unicom Customer Service

/ 2199 550/2199
┊ICBC Customer Service┊

┊ICBC Customer Service┊

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Xuancheng Branch Business Consulting, Service Supervision, Complaint Acceptance Box 95588

Moderator: ICBC Customer Service

/ 2320 298/2320
Help 2019-12-19 14:23
南 Southern Anhui Bank┊

南 Southern Anhui Bank┊

Wannan Agricultural Commercial Bank Business Consulting, Service Supervision, Complaint Acceptance Column

Moderator: Wannan Bank Customer Service

/ 1180 90/1180
┊Guo Yuan Securities┊

┊Guo Yuan Securities┊

Guoyuan Securities Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive securities company established with the approval of the China Securities Regulatory Commission. It wholly owns Guoyuan Securities (Hong Kong), Guoyuan Equity Investment, Guoyuan Haiqin Futures, Changsheng Fund Holdings, and Huishang Bank. Listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (code: 000728). The company is a Class A and Class A securities company in the country and has comprehensive securities business qualifications. It has 98 securities outlets throughout major cities across the country.

Moderator: Guoyuan Securities

/ 585 434/585
Science and technology board tips2019-10-15 16:19
┊Powered Customer Service┊

┊Powered Customer Service┊

Xuancheng Power Supply Company is responsible for the power supply tasks of five counties, one city and one district in the city. Since its establishment in 1985, it has always adhered to the service concept of "regulating itself and facilitating customers", and actively integrated into Xuancheng's economic construction and served the city with a high degree of responsibility and responsibility. Power customers. The 95598 power supply service hotline provides you with electricity consultation, electricity bill inquiry, and power failure reporting services for 24 hours.

Moderator: Powered Customer Service

/ 9705 753/9705
┊Gas customer service┊

┊Gas customer service┊

Xuancheng Gas Company Business Consulting, Service Supervision, Complaint Acceptance Column

Moderator: Xuancheng Gas

/ 2947 356/2947
┊Water supply customer service┊

┊Water supply customer service┊

Xuancheng Water Affairs Co., Ltd. business consulting, service supervision, complaint acceptance column

Moderator: Xuanshui Customer Service

/ 1900 225/1900
Ask the water company2019-12-25 16:39 Never say
┊Postal Savings Bank┊

┊Postal Savings Bank┊

Postal Savings Banking Business Consulting, Service Supervision, Complaint Acceptance Column

Moderator: Post Store Customer Service

/ 161 22/161
How do I cancel my credit card? 2019-11-18 15:56 Green leaves
收起/展开 District Moderators: Duty Editor 2 , Duty Editor 3

≡Website ≡

┊ Brainstorming ┊

┊ Brainstorming ┊

The Xuancheng Forum aims to provide a virtual communication platform and display platform for Xuancheng people. I hope that everyone will put forward some constructive suggestions with the usual mentality.

/ 14万 5509 / 140,000
┊Civilization Creation Column┊

┊Civilization Creation Column┊

Let us use the power of the masses to help those around us who need help; whether individuals or organizations, as long as they do good things, we should propagate them. Legal Adviser for this edition: Lawyer Liu Wenjie, Xuancheng Women and Children Rights Protection Hotline

/ 4万 1601 / 40,000
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